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The sale or purchase of a yacht can be a complex process with significant amounts of money involved.

The process will ordinarily involve a series of checks and processes including establishing clear and unencumbered title, reviewing VAT, RCD and registration documentation (which may include foreign languages and formats), dealing constructively with survey findings, safe handling of client monies, drawing up contracts to assist with the process of sale and general ‘good sense’ when dealing with delicate negotiations.

Adhering to protocols of sale such as operating with correctly managed separate client accounts, professional indemnity insurance and the use of contracts written by top lawyers in the marine industry ensures a seamless sale process and transaction. It makes sense that a professional and trained hand is at the wheel at all times to ensure everything goes smoothly.

While Grabau International offers a full-service yacht brokerage, there are occasions where a buyer and seller have already found each other, or perhaps a buyer is not wholly confident in the services offered by the seller’s chosen broker. In these instances, Grabau International Conveyancing offers bespoke professional conveyancing services to either buyer or seller, covering all aspects of the sale & purchase process including:-

  • Checking of existing documentation

  • Creation of Sale & Purchase Agreements using the latest ABYA (Association of Brokers & Yacht Agents) legal agreements

  • Secure handling of client monies in separated client accounts

  • Negotiation assistance

  • Creation of new title documentation

  • Registration services

Grabau International Conveyancing services are offered by leading marine lawyer Jonathan Hadley-Piggin (also a partner in City of London law firm – Keystone Law).

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