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Introducing the new YachtConveyancing.com website

16 February 2021

Grabau International is delighted to announce the launch of the brand new YachtConveyancing.com website.

In addition to full-service professional yacht brokerage and new yacht sales, Grabau International also provides bespoke conveyancing services to boat buyers and sellers. 

What is yacht conveyancing?

The sale of a yacht is split into two very distinct stages. The first is the listing and marketing of the yacht with the end result of a buyer being found and an offer agreed upon. The second stage involves taking both buyer and/or seller through the process of contracts, surveys, sea trials, subsequent negotiations and, of course, the baffling paperwork in relation to title, registration, VAT and RCD.

The first stage can either be comparatively easy or frustrating and long-winded, while the second is almost always extremely difficult and fraught with risks and potential pitfalls. As a result, even if a seller is happy to deal with the first stage themselves, Grabau International offers a dedicated service to cater for the more complex and challenging second stage.

Our bespoke & dedicated yacht conveyancing service offers a buyer or seller (or both) confidence that these aspects are being dealt with by a qualified professional, operating to the strictest of codes of practice outlined by ABYA. This includes:

  • Using ABYA-approved legal contracts for the Sale & Purchase process.
  • Holding any and all client monies in Client Accounts designated as such and identified at the Bank as such.
  • Full insurance for the purposes of the yacht conveyancing and the value of yachts being bought or sold through the business.
  • The ability to provide knowledge, guidance and administration services in respect of legal title, yacht registration, VAT and RCD matters.
  • Transfer of legal title.
  • Prompt transfer of net sale proceeds and provision of statements and invoices to support the sale and the services of the broker.
  • Working directly with marine finance houses in identifying the presence of, settling, or securing a marine mortgage.
  • Direct liaison with insurers to assist purchasers with securing cover for their new purchases.
  • Close working relationships with third party businesses within the industry to cover all the additional logistics involved in the sale of a yacht. This can include refit/repair, valeting, delivery, marina berthing, tuition and charter.

Who might use this service?

We can act on behalf of either buyer or seller in a conveyancing capacity. Sellers looking to find a buyer for their yacht privately can instruct us in advance to deal with any subsequently agreed offers. Alternatively, a prospective buyer may instruct us to act on their behalf as soon as a suitable yacht is found and an offer is agreed. We are also further able to act on behalf of a buyer in an instance where a yacht is found through a third party yacht broker.

For further details on our bespoke conveyancing services please contact us via email or by phone to +44(0)1363 860138

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Introducing the new YachtConveyancing.com website